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Common Problems

Crowding of the Teeth

crowding of the teeth before

Crowded, crooked teeth are not only unattractive, but also more difficult to clean and keep healthy.

Open Bite - Front Teeth Don't Touch

open bite before

Some openbites are the result of thumb sucking habits during childhood, while others can be due to uneven growth of the jawbones.  Many patients with openbites have difficulty speaking and biting through sandwiches as they are unable to touch their front teeth together.

Deep Overbite - Front Teeth Cover all of Lower Teeth

deep overbite before

A deep overbite is one of the leading causes of worn upper and lower front teeth.  Having this problem corrected before adulthood can prevent the need for costly restorative treatment (and braces as an adult!) later in life.

Missing Teeth

crowding of the teeth before

Sometimes certain permanent teeth never develop, leaving the patient with excessive spacing.  Orthodontic treatment can create appropriate space to have these missing teeth replaced by the dentist, or in some cases close the spaces without the need for any dental work.

Crossbite (Underbite) - Lower Front Teeth in Front of Upper Teeth

underbite before

Some crossbites are caused by improperly positioned teeth, others by uneven jaw growth.  Once the orthodontist determines the cause, an appropriate treatment plan can be developed.

Spacing of Teeth

spacing of teeth before

Extra spaces between the teeth are not only unattractive, but can also lead to food getting stuck in the spaces and causing damage to the gums and bones.

Overjet - Protruding Front Teeth

overjet before

A large overjet (often referred to as "buck teeth") places the teeth at increased risk for fracture, especially during sports or other activities.